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Peter Sansom - Artist Workshops (art/clil) Adult Education School Resources

Through my work teaching both young people and adults I have developed a large amount of lesson material that I have subsequently made use of when leading workshops. These workshops are adjusted to make them suitable to adults or younger people.’

The workshops themselves fit mostly into one of two categories:

Art workshops that focus on the creativity of the individual and the group

CLIL (Content and language integrated learning) workshops that focus on the learning of language whilst simultaneously teaching content from a regular subject area such as geography or science.

My CLIL workshops are offered either to teachers who are involved in CLIL education or to pupils as intensive language learning CLIL activities.

It is also possible for me to combine the two forms of workshop for an art related CLIL activity.

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Working with a group of people provides new creative opportunities.  Generally there is only a relatively limited amount of time available so it requires a high level of energy and involvement from all the participants.


The group may be a group of school children, a professional group looking for a team building activity or an informal gathering who have come together as part of a party or celebration.

Where possible I try to adjust the activity to reflect the interests of the participants and often choose to work towards a group work to which everyone in the workshop can contribute.

The links below take you to an assortment of the more art related workshops that I have developed and lead.  Some are quite short, others longer.  Every workshop situation is different and I am only too pleased to discuss the possibilities if I am approached.

Bicycles Workshops Guernica Africa rhythms    Journeys Music+abstraction Faces