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Surrealism is a stream in the history of art that started during the early 1920s and featured artists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. If you look carefully at the examples of their work shown here you will see that although in some ways the pictures are painted in a quite realistic style not quite everything is actually quite as it seems.  Strange things can, and do happen in a surreal painting. In some ways surrealist images are often compared to dreams that we have while we sleep. In fact many surrealist artists found inspiration in the dreams with have. We all are familiar with the idea that completely unexpected and unrelated objects can suddenly come together in a dream and that is certainly true in a surrealist artwork. For example a telephone in the form of a lobster or a room is filled with a giant apple........ or, is it a normal apple in a very small room?

The online resources here will help you with the assignments.


Film 1 - Rene Magritte

Inspiration for a surreal collage

Surrealism in advertising films

Surreal ‘Lost Consonants’

English sayings 1 English sayings 2 English sayings 3 English sayings 4

‘Lost Consonants’ demo.


Inspiration for a Magritte remake

Magritte remake