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Street Art

Street art is one of the most controversial of all art and cultural disciplines. Is it art at all? Is it just some sort of superficial entertainment?  Is it vandalism? Does it have to be skilfully made in some way?  Is humour crucial to it or is it actually making a political or social point?  These are some of the areas we’ll be thinking about in the forthcoming CKV lessons.

Whatever you think your opinion is, try to keep an open mind, because there is a lot more going on in this area than you probably know about.  There are so many different ways in which street art is being made, from a simple tag scrawled on a park bench to the most spectacular piece of graffiti or a sticker stuck on a lamppost to a group of performers entertaining a thousand bystanders.

Street Art module booklet

Street artists at work….

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Banksy and urban interventions…

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