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If you want to improve your artistic and creative abilities then there are not many better ways to learn to make good use of a sketch/ideas book.

It is a place to experiment, try materials out and also, make mistakes that you can learn from without having to make them too public!

Don't be afraid, take risks, doodle, be a bit crazy! This is YOUR book, nobody else has to see it if you don't want them to - although others might well be able to give you good advice if you do.

On this page you can see examples of the sketchbooks belonging to a number of artists. You will also find links to suggestions to try out for yourself and advice on creating useful and memorable pages.

- The first and perhaps most important of all aims is simply to use your book and as often as possible.  Remember, not every page has to become an art work.

- The book hasn’t got to become a diary, but writing in it is absolutely OK.  It might be about what your drawing for example, or something interesting that you have seen or a note about

something that you want to try out when you have time to.

- Experiment with different materials.  Try using different sorts of pencils, pens, inks, brushes and so on.  

- If you come across something interesting and it is possible, glue it in the book.  This might include photographs, logos, artworks, advertisements, train tickets, maps, pieces of text.......the list is really endless.

- use the whole page, work up to the edges, pack the paper with interest.

- If you find a blank, beautifully white, smooth page a little scary to start with, do something to mess it up a little first, splash some ink or paint on it, scrunch the paper up a little or draw a rough frame around the outside of the page.