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Great museums to visit

There are so many great collections around the world.  On this page you can link through to the collections to search them for yourself.

Museum sites

The question of the career possibilities on offer to young people with creative interests is often quite a complex one.  There are simply so many options. The excellent Creative choices  tries to put a little order in this chaos.

Careers in art and design

Creative Choices

There is so much free creative help out there on the net to develop creative talents.  The link below takes you to a page of a few of my favourites.

Free creative software

Free creative software

          Art & CKV pages

Art is taught to years 1 through to 3 (12-15 year olds).  It focuses on the visual arts, visual literacy as well as art and cultural history.

CKV is a subject taught to all 15-16 year olds in the Netherlands and covers the visual arts, film, theatre, dance, architecture, photography, applied arts, world literature and music.  The links above take you to pages specific to the subject.

          Cultural Newsletter

To broaden my pupils’ contact and interest in art and culture I produce a cultural newsletter.  I try to keep the content as accessible as possible to them, but at the same time try to find subjects that fall just outside things that they are likely to come across themselves.  It is very definitely not just for visual arts, and can cover design, fashion, film, architecture, theatre, photography and much more.

Below are links to a few recent copies.

Cultural Newsletter 1 Cultural Newsletter 2 Cultural Newsletter 3