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Guides and resources

There are so many useful films and websites to help you improve your artistic skills. Below are links to show how….

Sketchbook guide Drawing with 1 pt. perspective Drawing with 2 pt. perspective

Top artists drawing

George Seurat August Rodin Edgar Degas Leonardo da Vinci

Click below for links to see some of the best examples of drawing form art history.  Some links allow you to turn through the pages of the artists’ sketchbooks.,1128209819,1/stock-photo-hand-with-pencil-drawing-593786.jpg

General drawing assignments

          Year one assignments

          Year two assignments

          Year three assignments

iPad material

Baroque Drawing assignments War art practical War art written assign. Poster design Oldenburg research Pop art homework Insects pictures assignment Research Project Research Project Poster assignment Scary Haiku Colour mixing Surrealism page Sketchbook assgn. Research Project Creating 3d forms Disaster Picture Extra themes