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School Resources Home Page Art Page CKV Page Pupils' Gallery - Mini-sketchbook Assignment

A completely full sketchbook is always more interesting to look at and has a more ‘finished’ feel to it.  To help you reach this point how have been given just a mini-sketchbook to work in for this assignment.   The book has an outside cover and seven ‘double page spreads’ inside it. To complete the book you have to design a cover and produce seven A6 pieces of work based on various themes.

Always think about how you are using the pages, make sure that you fill them and make them look as interesting as possible. There are seven double pages in the sketchbook, make sure that you make everyone of them as interesting as you possibly can….avoid leaving areas in the booklet empty and white.

For your seven pages you must choose two themes from each of groups 1, 2 &3 below and the seven page is from group 4, a free choice.

Group 1

 • Draw a favourite object using just pencil. Make sure that you pay close attention to  light, dark and shading. (The drawing should fill two pages)

 • Draw the view from your bedroom window. (The drawing should fill two pages)

 • Make an accurate drawing of a well known artwork

 • Draw the corner of a room

  Group 2

 • Fill two pages with  photographs and drawing of you favourite pieces of architecture.

 • Fill to pages with as many as possible letter types , numbers and styles of writing.

 • Fill two pages with  photographs and drawing of you favourite pieces of fashion and clothing.

 • Fill two pages with  photographs and details of photographs that you really like.

 Group 3

 • Spread over two pages make a graffiti design for your own initials, use lots of colour!

 • Make a beautiful and decorated map of your journey to school.

 • Make a design for a personalized shoe. It could be a smart shoe, a football boot, a sports shoe, a futuristic shoe, etc.

 • Draw a design for a piece of jewellery. Show as much detail as you can in the drawing.

 • Make a double page artwork that is totally abstract and packed full of detail and colour.

 Group 4

 • Make a double page design completely of your ideas….make it as interesting to look at as you can.

Extra sketchbook advice