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Peter Sansom - Artist Workshops (art/clil) Adult Education School Resources


  Guernica workshop

The new version of Picasso’s Guernica painting that is show here was the final result of an extensive project dealing with how war and violence has been dealt with in the history of art and in the media.

Each of the fifty third year pupils (14-15 years old) produced a square of collage that contains the same form and tonal qualities as Picasso’s original.

However, the pupils’ version is not a painting but a collage and each part is built up of countless images of war and violence.  These may be journalistic photographs, images from the history of art or other sources that seemed appropriate.  Many of these images were pictures that had been discussed in previous lessons or gathered during earlier parts of the project.

Finally where necessary the contrast in the collage was heightened where it was needed to sharpen the overall artwork.

Click on the button below to download a higher resolution version of the artwork.

Hi-res artwork