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Free Creative Software

Just click on the links below an let the creativity begin.

Aviary offer a whole range on web-based creativity, also apps for your phone or tablet.

The Gimp is an extensive image manipulation program.  Its not as extensive as the full-blown Photoshop, but it does have a lot to offer.

Inkscape is a very good vector graphics illustration package, a free alternative to Illustrator or CoralDraw

Pencil offers good old fashioned hand drawn animation, except you work it all out on your PC

Google Sketchup is a must for any three dimensional design work, from abstract sculpture to architecture and furniture to interior design

Smooth Draw is a straight forward drawing program.  Ideal to use with a drawing tablet and not overly complex.

Pixlr is a very handy tool if you need quickly to improve a photo, make a drawing or just to creatively mess around.  It has all the tools you might expect, no need to register, just start!

Soundation is similar to Looplabs, but perhaps a little more stable when it come to using it.  It also offers a huge collection of samples to work with, even when you register for a free account.