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Drawing is the basis of visual art.  Drawings can range from just a collection of a few lines to beautifully made artworks that show fantastic control of materials used with huge sensitivity.

Drawings can be the smallest of artworks made on scraps of paper to large-scale creations made directly onto the wall.

Drawing materials also offer many possibilities.  All of the list below are considered ‘drawing’ materials:

  - graphite pencils

  - coloured pencils

  - oil pastels

  - chalk pastels

  - charcoal

  - conté crayons

  - ink pen

  - felt-tipped pens

  - marker pens

  - ball point pens

If you are not sure what these materials actually are, or whether you have them, simply Google them and find out.

It is also perfectly acceptable to mix  materials, even in the same drawing, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Drawing advice

The assignments below are meant to be done at home, as homework.  You may have been given extra instruction as to how you should work.  Perhaps you have been told to draw a particular subject or work with a particular material.  If not, the choice is yours, choose a subject from the list from your year, choose a drawing material (or a combination of materials) and get started.

Some advice.....

  - A4 is generally a good size to work on, make use of the whole sheet.

  - If you are working with pencil, sharpen it before you start.

  - Don’t spend your whole time rubbing out, leave your mistakes...they will often make it easier to draw a better line.

  - Don’t press too hard to start with, you can always strengthen your lines later.

  - Take your time....your teacher is going to want to see that you have spent a reasonable amount of time working on and improving your work.

For all of the assignments you MUST have the subject you are drawing in front of you to look at while you are drawing.  DON’T make it up, it is about LOOKING and trying to draw what you see.

Year One Assignments

Choose a subject from the list below:

  - 3 pieces of fruit

  - A wrist watch (remember, fill the sheet!)

  - An old shoe

  - An old cuddly toy

  - A flower

  - a pot with at least five different spoons, whisks, scrapers, etc. Out of the kitchen drawer

Year Two Assignments

Choose a subject from the list below:

  - 6 different pens

  - Three objects out of the fridge (don’t worry too much about drawing all the lettering on packages

  - A bunch of keys

  - two chairs

  - a collection of four different pieces of jewelry

  - A musical instrument

Year Three Assignments

Choose a subject from the list below:

  - Your hand

  - Somebody’s foot

  - The view from your bedroom window

  - The inside of a cupboard and all the things in it, kitchen cupboard, bathroom cupboard, bedroom, etc.

  - Your bicycle

  - An interesting doorway and what you can see through it