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Peter Sansom - Artist Workshops (art/clil) Adult Education School Resources

I lead courses for groups of adults of various abilities and  ages from 18 to above 80, using an assortment of artistic approaches.  These have included drawing and painting courses for absolute beginners, graphic design courses, oil painting courses and even courses aimed at the international community in the town where I live.

The approach that I take to the teaching is adjusted to the group involved.  I aim to give each group assignments that offer the space and freedom for their own interpretation, and to avoid situations where the whole group are essentially trying to produce the same artwork.

By leaving the door open for the participants own ideas it also increases enormously the chance for everyone to learn from one another.  It shouldn’t be the teacher who provides all the creative input, in a healthy learning situation it should come from all of those involved.

I also like to keep a close eye on art historical connections during my teaching, making use of the rich sources offered by the past, or indeed contemporary art.

Occasionally, I can offer short courses on a free lance basis, but most of my adult teaching work is carried out via “’t Venster”, a centre for visual art, music, theatre and dance.  The centre’s current program can be accessed through the link below:

Adult Education
Artworks at home

Artworks at home

An online exhibition

Click on the link below to see an online exhibition of the work of some of the participants of the course I teach.  The images show how the paintings made finally find a display place at home.

Hands & Feet

Current source material